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Wicked Dub is a failed Horrorcore rapper known widely for his tumultuous failures on Horrorcore.com. His biggest claim to fame is his prominence as the universal Third Way - most often manifested as the final option among multiple selections, a role he held from 2001 to 2011. As of May 1, 2011, Jordan has replaced Dub in this capacity.

Dissed by Q-Strange

Dub was once dissed on his own song. He got mad.

In 2001 Dub paid fellow Horrorcore rapper Q-Strange $250 dollars to appear on the song "Hacksaws and Meat Grinders" with his group Phantazm. Dub supplied the second verse on the song and rapped off-beat. In the following verse, Q-Strange dissed Dub for this with the line [I'll] leave your heart off-beat like the second verse of this song. Despite being dissed on his own song, Dub posted the track anyway and others signaled in on the fact that he was dissed by his own paid feature guest. This caused Dub to throw shit-fit of epic butt-hurt proportions arguing that he wasn't off beat and that Q-Strange hadn't dissed him. He couldn't logically explain why, however, and Q-Strange agreed to re-record the verse with the diss omitted. Despite the track being ten-years old Dub is still mad enough to whine to Klown whenever its re-posted, resulting in threads being deleted and members being banned.

Famous Quotes

When people make fun of his "music" Wicked Dub will have come up with one of his catch phrases.

*"You're just saying that because you have something against me"
*"I've sold thousands of records"
*"I'm better than you"
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