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A God awful gallery of degenerates and attention whores. The Post A Recent Picture Of Yourself thread[1] was created several billion years ago by Detroits Finest attention whore. It has evolved over time from a place to ridicule members of for any miniscule reason at all to a gathering ground for Photoshop fodder to ridicule members of for no reason what-so-ever. It is a well known fact that if a person talks a gang of shit and doesn't post pictures of themselves, their partner, their family and friends, their Grandfathers second cousins estranged nephews step mother that they are both a nerd and scared, in turn the dreaded scared nerd. Being labelled such will bring shame upon your family. Not as much shame us endless Photoshop edits of them, but shame none the less.

Notable contributers to the Post A Recent Picture Of Yourself thread include:

Lecom - An ADD riduled Russian kid with a severe case of Jungle Fever.

Epitaph - A dillusional Jewish man in the constant midst of a real identity crisis.

Devin - A Native American with the mental disorder alphabet bordering on handicapped Or just plain genius.

Criminal - An Italian lady making the most of body before it goes the way of Grandma's.

Antonio - A Mexican.

Eastside Gorilla - A French man in a bath tub.

Eastsides Gorilla's Mom - A whiskey drinking, cigar smoking, probably arm wrestling MILF

HCP - Holy shit, finally a white guy. Also fifty year old Juggalo, go figure.

KAS - Appears to be a tranny and will get butthurt if you state the obvious. Doesn't mind being referred to as a "$5 whore".

Leroys Beard.

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