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Craig "ThatWickedShit" Gould, known on Horrorcore informally as TWS and now TheStranger, is a spineless, huge HUGE faggot who got is always butt hurt. Following a period of memery he made a leaving thread only to return a week later (with a fake account) and be quickly exposed as the warped loser he really is. He's always crying and making long-winded posts about why people should stop making fun of him, feeding into what is a viscious cycle of e-masochism. He doesn't understand why people don't like him and why people find it unfunny when he parrots inside jokes for events he was never a part of or around for.




"Shame" is the top adjective to describe ol' Craiggers. He resembles MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, only he manages to somehow look more like a lesbian. He once got a tattoo of the word "hardcore" to intimidate the a group of Blacks that he worked with (it didn't work). He also has the comedic stylings of the most irritating of mother-in-laws. Craig is a die-hard fan of the rapper DMX, because both know about being a "real nigga". To pove the authenticity of his nigganity he even dressed up in black-face. Craig has stated that he wants to move to California in order to live off of welfare from a government he hates and society he doesn't contribute to.


Craig is a self described "anti-fascist" (ANTIFA) and hates racists. This is part of him being a real nigga, because of the one black friend he once had he now feels he has to "fight racism", as if it somehow affects him. When taking into account his attempt to scare a group of Blacks off by getting a tattoo, this makes his positioning all the more confusing. For more, see the chapter on his 'phases'.

Craig has an innate fear of the Illuminati, the NWO, and Masons. Most his his knowledge on this topic was attained by studyiing ridiculous conspiracy videos on YouTube. He has no way of backing up his statements, but nonetheless becomes enraged when questions of his obviously legitimate beliefs.

Craig is the antithesis to anything funny. He has the rare ability to go into a thread that has had 15 consecutive pages of lulz and make a statement so horrendously unfunny that the next 10 pages are dedicated to informing him that he's the male equivalent of Margarot Cho. He believes this to be part of a coordinated conspiracy against his person, and not based on any observed reality of his wackness. Constant beratement and thread derailment that spawned from his posts eventually led to his creation of a Leaving Thread and making a of a fake account. While he did not change his posting style or habbits, and was quickly picked up on. He continues to deny that statements made against his character hold any credence, even though on many occasions he has made applogies and admitted regret for idiotic things he has posted. He remains in a constant state of denial, confusion, and vexation.


Craig revealed to the board a strange personal pattern in whiich he goes though what he calls, "phases". While many a teenager may fall into a phase of sub-cultural affiliation or musical taste for an extended period of time before 'growing up' or 'out' of it, Craig's phases lasted for several months at a time before doing a complete change. This is typical for posers who really never attached themselves to the music genre or culture itself, but shop around constantly until they find belonging. The phasic patterning he disclosed ranged from degrees of faux lesbianism to being a neo-hippie, and also a punk rocking Juggalo. Most recently he is in his "Horrorcore phase" and would explain how he found the site.

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