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The Supermensa Conspiressy is a conspiracy being written on the fly by Ressurrector to explain his failings in life.


Klown's shills theory

In this version of the conspiracy, Klown was responsible for the creation of shills to troll his own jarn. These shills didn't even have legit avatars, and their sole purpose was to drive up user activity via flame wars. As only a horrorcore music site, the site would have died (as users found out), but with user activity in Purgatory fuelled by the flames of trolling, the site would thrive and increase pay-per-click action for gay thug dating. This plan backefired on Tarball Day, and his "digital ant farm" was destroyed.

Mailman is a hacker theory

"I think its cause Maleman is a hacker and he has Klowns gay sex tape or something. There is ALOT more to this then meets the eye. A hc website thats been around for 10 years and has never been down more then like 2 hours doesnt just vanish over night without any warning or acknowledgement."
"[Supermensans] reside in a forum that is about "nothing" and the core audience won't leave their leaders side because he obviously blackmails them privately cause he has so much dirt on all of them you would think its politics."

In December 2012, Ress then started claims that Mailman monitors every member's Google results - and then uses this information to start random threads. By spying on his members, he can cater discussion to them and keep them there. He also edits posts

"Isnt that awesome? No matter what kind of freaky pron you are into Mailman is right there with you watching you search!!! Whatever Subzi really said about Mailman to Cliff Clavin in a private message. Mailman was right there!!!! And you people really defend this? And condone this?"

Internet Terrorism theory

In January, Ress issued a statement claiming Mailman and his minion to be part of an 'internet terrorist organization', and in later statements, said the website "incites riot like behaviour"


"I have never heard of "Cloudflare" until just recently............and [I] have ran sites for years. So Cloudflare is relatively at least 2011 new. OR is it the fact [Mailman] knows its game over for his precious site once his host is found out. And the laundry list of violations he flaunts daily. So he "hides" a whole fucking website with a proxy? And he is so sensitive he cant even keep the same avatar when taunted. Thats more borderline personality shit is what that is....."

Government shills


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