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SupreMENSA on day 1

Super Mensa ( is a website consisting of a forum and wiki. It opened in May 2011.



Common theory

SuperMENSA began as an inside joke as part of The Jordan Threads and Jordan's failed MENSA applications on the Purgatory sub-forum of At around the same time, the HC Wiki was formed and eventually shut down after the Horrorcore Red Workers Party snitched on the wiki's content. The wiki would eventualy reemerge as so content could proceed unrestricted, and privately hosted. While SuperMENSA originally intended itself to be a wiki inclusive to members, the site's owner, Klown, censored the site's URL in an effort to cut off poasters from the wiki's lulz. This act of agression meant the gloves came off and Super Mensa added a forum of its own - completely superior in both content and function to the aging and panzified This killed

More or less

Government theory

Supermensa is a government funded, internationally organized force of agents tasked with observing, reporting on and later taking control and altering as required the musical genre, horrorcore.

Several serious crimes including murders and sexual assaults were committed around the globe with both horrorcore artists and fans being convicted in recent years bringing the genre to the attention of media outlets, a number of law enforcement agencies, local governments and community watch groups. Leading over the course several months in 2010/11 to a combined investigative effort on the part of a leading private internet safety and security firm and an as of yet unnamed U.S government funded organization who were later to be advised on how to control the expected explosion of popularity in the musical genre in in effort to decrease possible criminal behavior and other harm attributed to its growth. Setting up a special task force of in house I.T professionals and outsourcing employment to registered and known affiliates in various dark net and known vigilante groups.

Headed by the same persons responsible for the control of hardcore gangster rap music in the mid to late 1990's the team were apparently restricted from using forceful means such as dispatch or incarceration of major influences from the get go by the since formed homeland security council and funding was substantially less and the treat was viewed to be lesser and not as devising amongst race in the short to mid term. However, where-as the same response as too T.S and C.W was not to be employed it was determined such means would be both an elevated risk of exposure to conspiracy theorists and public and also not as valuable as a covert internet operation keeping as many high stake participants as clean a possible. Horrocore was still considered a internet heavy genre of music despite links to mainstream commercial artists. Particularly noted we several groups on major labels including Sony and Warner Brother Music with horrorcore backgrounds and large influence on certain demographics. Such people were put on future five year watch lists with history noted and private monetary sources logged for possible intervention.

In case any such action was required major backing has been requested but not yet approved for alternate entries into mainstream music with simple horror elements such as previously placed successors of T.S and C.W, M Carter and A Joiner.

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