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The biggest one of them all
A shill is a doppleganger. A fake account created solely to inflate forum statistics and be used in psy-ops against conspiracy theorists. Notable shills include Evil Evak, The Mailman, and MASTERWEEDO.


Manual for Sighting Shills, Vol.3.8


Do not let this manual get into any hands OUTSIDE THE C.I.A. OR SUPERMENSA. This is a top-secret document classified level 6. Please distribute this manual accordingly to the members of the organization. This information is a quick step-by-step guide which can save lives, protect national interests, and keep top-secret information from leaking out to the public. This manual is specific to P:KH, or C.I.A. Operation: 8110A8. It is very important that leaders of P:KH make sure every member on the operation reads and familiarizes themselves with this manual.

Step 1:

Read each post in Ress' voice and see if it matches up to past experiences.

NOTE: Some shills may be government shills undercover. However, with the rise of the underground internet resistance using our own tactics, we cannot be too careful[/b].

Step 2:

Attempt to downplay the shill as much as possible. This is called "online counter-interrogation". Downplaying the facts will often anger the shill into reveling his true identity.

NOTE: When downplaying facts, use information you know for a fact IS true, but attempt to downplay the information existence in a very obvious manner. For example "This guy is another conspiracy theorist idiot. Everyone knows there is no such thing is secret C.I.A. backed government websites and organizations, especially websites like SuperMensa!"

Step 3:

Taunt the possible shill. Give him misleading information about the government and attempt to spot if that information is leaked through the public via youtube video. Don't worry, we own youtube. Accounts can easily be banned and videos deleted.

NOTE: Try to coax the possible shill as best you can. Tell them things like "Wait until the NSA organization (made-up name) finds you! You will never find the documents about (made up subject and documents)!" Another way to taunt the shill is to talk like its operator, for example "evry 1 knows the gobmint is beehind dis!"

Step 4:

If you think it might be a shill, ban the account and see if a conspiracy video comes out within the next week about your website.

Final Step:

If you followed the last steps and you have confirmed that it is a shill, immediately call you contact within the C.I.A.. Those who are part of our organization will know the calling card.

© Central Intelligence Agency, June 2011.

Spotting Shills for Dummies

1. If they deny anything being wrong with the sun or the moon, they are an agenda shill
2. Anyone that argues a conspiracy theorist is an agenda shill
3. If they don't have videos or comments no their channel, they are an agenda shill
4. If you go to their channel and they don't have a channel, they are an agenda shill
5. If they forum slab (bury your thread, by bumping dumb threads), they are an agenda shill
6. If they spam stupid pictures like a cloudman in a thread about chemtrails, they are an agenda shill
7. If they have an anti-god agenda (by not talking about Him), they are an agenda shill
8. If they consider God invisible, they are an agenda shill

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