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NGR.png was a site and jarn made by Ressurrector on October 31st, 2012 after releasing an intended 'viral' video aimed at promoting his new conspiracy site. The entire site was filled with threads made by himself, and only he replied to himself. The site acted as an archive to his dementia, (a self described "info bomb"), and was the result of weeks of painstaking rambling on about inane conspiracies, such as how the illuminati was trying to silence Horrorcore, and the Supermensa Conspiressy, where its members were gobmint shill disinfo agents (among others, like the basic chemtrail and fake sun/moon fare). The forum had no members, outside of 2 shill accounts Ress registered to argue with himself; Admiral Allah Akbar, and AwoL. The latter, AwoL, was a reincarnate of Ress' Evil EvaK persona, where he impersonates EvaK and goads himself into a battle rap...with himself.

The following day, Ress was locked out of his control panel due to a computing error, and blamed it on the Illuminati's secret hacking division, to which he made several youtube vlogs showcasing the peril his site was in after it had been "discovered". Ress claimed that nobody should have known about the site and that it was made in secret, apparently having forgotten the promo video he made on Youtube the day prior. After being locked out of his control panel, and unable to make threads, Ress became belligerent. According to the videos posted, he believed someone or something to have hacked his computer too, as it appeared to be acting slower than usual, like "Windows Vista x10". In the hours that passed, apparently someone prank called him and he then shut the site down. RIP NGR, 10.31.12 - 11.2.12

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