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MENSA is a secret organization, like the Illuminati or Judaism, open to the smartest top 2% of the population, but apparently they're letting total retards in these days.

Application process

Normally one takes an IQ test and is either accepted or rejected. You then have to pay an annual memership fee to remain in the organization. Jordan once allegedly passed the test as a child, and is currently attempting to gain entry into the group as an adult by peddling his childhood test results, which he has no record of. Super Mensa was created so that the truely elite emong us could distance ourselves from ass clowns such as J two tha O.

A typical MENSA member

After an investigation by the -1 Global Bureau of Intelligence and Research, it was determined that Jordan was never a member, confirmed by the MENSA Director of Membership. These allegations were initially met with "Your all gay" and "Suck my cock", two insulting rebuttals completely worthy to have come from one of the most intelligent people on the ENTIRE FUCKING PLANET. Per MENSA regulations, IQ tests administered prior to the age of 16 are not suitable; however, if you originally say you were admitted into the highly selective group based on your ACT scores when you were 17 and then backpeddal and say it was from an IQ test you took when you were 9 years of age, it seems to reason that this highly selective group of the most intelligent people on the entire planet would make an exception for you and allow you in without providing you any documentation...even after allegedly paying your annual dues for nearly a decade.

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