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Jordan memes were all the rage in 2011

A meme factory

An example of Epitaph's music. God have mercy.
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Jordan, known to some by his stage name Epitaph "the Mack" (or E to tha P, because "that's what everyone calls [him]") was a Jewish Horrorcore rapper, meme generator, self proclaimed "literary genius", and MENSA member impersonator from Dade, Florida. Although he previously held experience brokering "jerk off" videos, he is currently dead, and brokering "data" to "fuckin huge companies". His debut album, "Pozz the Nation", tentatively due in 2010, was scrapped, following his death.



On July 9th 2011 he will be opening for Lauren's birthday party.

Road to Tomorrow

In July 2011 Jordan released a music video titled "Road to Tomorrow".

Jewish Horrorcore: Return to the Holy Land

"I'll be living in Israel for an extended period of time (atleast 2mo) later [last] year.While there I plan on finishing to how to speak hebrew[...]. [My Middle Eastern themed album]will be recorded there, maybe not the whole thing, but it will be very spiritual and very real."

Obviously, none of this ever happened. Very real indeed.

Notable Lyrics



On November 29, 2011, Jordan was arrested for possession of a controlled substance without a prescription and held on a $3000 bond. On July 26th, he was arrested again.

Jordan posted this on his Facebook, why? He must have thought it was ballin'


"I'm in mensa. Which puts me in the top 2% of the world intelligence wise. Know about it fagboys"
"my iq is in the 130s, take it for what it is"

Jordan claims to have been a member of the Mensa organization, documented on both and This was later proven false after having contacted the Membership Directory for American Mensa directly, who had no record of any membership. Jordan, claiming this to be unbeknownst to him, stated this to be due to a bureaucratic error and that while no longer a member, all he had to do was renew his membership (and that his 9th grade IQ test scores he allegedly held would still be valid as an adult). He claimed he originally joined the "South Florida region chapter" of Mensa in August 1997, and rejoined the organization in 2002 after paying a $59 membership renewal fee, and has made mention of "Mensa training classes". He also stated that while he was a member in the 9th grade, he never renewed. Despite knowing full well he never paid membership fees, he continued to claim membership in the organization well into late 2010 on the internet until he was exposed.

The Boat Incident

Jordan is an alleged incestophile & ephebophile. In a posting on on December 23, 2008, Jordan announced publicly his intention to fornicate with one of his cousins while on a cruise ship. In substitution for his cousin, after she ended up "being a little weird", he instead got it on with a 16 year old aboard the ship. Outcry and statutory rape accusations hounded Jordan for this, however, unlike other States the age of consent in Florida is 16 making the act legal. In his own words, "pedobear def approved of that one."

Pedo Redux

In a Twitter posting made April 15, 2010, Jordan stated "she said im only 12, i said shit is cool, i used to be in middleschool :)"

Personal Endeavours


Jordan claims to have been gifted as a child.

Jordan claims to have a degree in both "Commercial Music" & Psychology from Florida Atlantic University. However, online degree transcripts he posted show he only received his BA in Psychology alone, and makes no mention of the alleged "Commercial Music" major.




Feud With Super Mensa response to discussions being made about Jordan on both the Super Mensa forum and what was archived in this Wiki, Jordan explained to others on Facebook that while not possessing the financial resources to take punitive legal action against Super Mensans for the "libel and slander" of his name, he he would instead "fly to their respective locations and beat their asses and destroy their computers."


In May, 2015, Facebook posts started appearing, stating that Jordan had died. Based on his reputation of lying, and tricking people, many did not originally believe it. However, it was later confirmed that the years of pressure to release his debut album, had finally caught up to him, and he passed away, mist likely from an overdose.

Upon learning of his death, CD duplication companies quickly began having a shortage of supplies, presumably due to all the mix tapes expected to be passed out at his funeral.


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