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Official Video

Ice Ice Baby is a song by Ressurrector. It's a poor "cover" of Vanilla Ice's song, but with a remade instrumental track and entirely rewritten lyrics.


Yo VIP...................les kick it!
Ice ice baby
Ice ice baby

Calibrate and LISTEN
Ice my back wibran new ventions
Gimps a'holding me and tightly
Fold like a harpoon daily and nightly
Will it ever stop yo
I don't know
Turn off the lights
And I'll go
To the stream I rock a mic like vandal
Live up stage and awakachump like candle
Grew up to the speaking them boons
Like killing you bringing one poisonous mushroom
ar'm'play doap medolly
invade and listen, bits, and family
love me or leave me you better ginwicke
you bell to hit wolves like can dumb play
and dough whats your problem you knowa solve it
check out the hoop and my DJ revolves it

Ice ice baby
(vanilla...) Ice ice baby
(vanilla...) Ice ice baby
(vanilla...) Ice ice baby

Have that the party is jumpin'
Witsh the bashe hit din and fingers are pumpin'
Creep to the point cuz the point no fakin'
Cookin' emcees - pound of bacon!
If you can creep getting nimble
I go creep when I hear a simble
and high hat
witsouped up tempo
I'm on roll it's time to go solo
I'm in the five point oh
With my rag top down so my hair can blow
Thank her I just sand by waiting to say a (did you stop?)
No I'll just drove by
Kept on
Presumed to the next stall
I bust a limp and then head to the next one
Then buck the dead so I can dee'un d'ay one eh! (bepra jinsu!)
Girls who are hard wearing less than bikinis
Rob and love us, drivin' Lamborghinis
Cuz of mine gettin' mine
Humming with the Asian
Ress with the 9
For the chumps at the mall
There's chumps hike taint cuz the fillet ball!
Gun jaws
Ring out like a bell
I grip a nine all hurt with shells
On the concrete wolf
Ed jumped in the car
Sign doesn't gas
Bumper to bumper the avenue is packed
I'm tryin' t'getaway for to tag Chris J
You knew what I mean?
Do pass me up, it's Fredo the Dope Fiend
I'chobuts problem you know will I solve it
Check out the hoop while Homie revolves it

Ice ice baby
(vanilla...) Ice ice baby
(vanilla...) Ice ice baby
(vanilla...) Ice ice baby

Take heed, cuz I'm a lyrical Rowan!
Miami's on scene just keeps you to knowin'!
My town, from created all the meat sound
Nothing to shake and get colas and a green keibassa
Like cubical spill
Feels rum division feel
Conduct and four minutes helmet comes out
I make it hype, and with one step with this
Fresh paint with the blaze
Side salad ninja
Cut it like a razor blades
Jump fast and the word for say damn
Grandma's a drunk guy jumped at the game
Keep on kimplosion
But it's time to get loose
Put in time and a moth ball to get my juice
In though when's problem yo I solve it
Check out the hhop while homie revolves it

Ice ice baby
(vanilla...) Ice ice baby
(vanilla...) Ice ice baby
(vanilla...) Ice ice baby
Yo man let's get out of here
Word to your mother

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