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He weeps for his people

Devin (Dmos) is a crack addicted soup lover who may have been molested by his brother in the bathtub. He is known for very long, off topic, and disturbing posts.

Lottery scam

This episode

In August of 2012 Devin (via his mother, apparently) hatched a scheme lifted almost directly from an episode of The Simpsons (or was it Family Guy?) where he would collect a $1000 down payment from 4,500 people in order to double their money risk free. All he needed was a $4.5 million lump sum...for "materials". He even said he would host a dinner party to interested parties to explain his plan, invite celebrities, and charge a cover fee. Food would be free. Bill Clinton would be a guest of honor.

The Plan

Devin explained that the Minnesota State Lottery is 5 balls (numbered 1-55), with the 6th ball being the 'powerball' to win the whole tamale, the jackpot, the kit and kaboodle. Devin went to a website and personally calculated that there are 28,989,675 possible permutations that could result in a winning ticket. Tickets are $2, which would cost "$50,000,000". Devin then realized that $4.5 million wasn't enough to buy over 50 million dollars worth of tickets - so he revised his math that he would now need 9,000 investors putting in 1,000 he would have $9,000,000 to buy $59,000,000 worth of tickets, for an $11,000,000 jackpot (or 212 million, who knows). He claims he would have enough money left over from the investments to hire bodyguards and workers to go to all of the convenience stores in MN to buy up all of the tickets - in case they ran out of paper. The plan was quashed when he accepted he didn't have the work ethic to sort through fifty million tickets (or 29 million, who knows anymore)


"Its so easy i don't see why big corporations don't do this, they could get a monopoly on the lottery game doing that. Also it would be fine for anyone that doesn't believe in gambling because theres no "chance" involved as per the definition of gambling. why give away such an awesome plan? because i realized i'd have to sort through 50,000,000 lottery tickets to find the winning one

So i'd get the donations into my bank account and set up sub bank accounts and hand out debit cards with x amount of dollars on them and have my street workers hit up as many gas stations as needed. Also a banquet idea came to mind from my mom, she came up with the idea to buy lottery tickets in the first place i just figured out the probabilities or attempted to till i said fuck it and just googled a combination calculator."

See, I knew it was from Family Guy

If you hadn't noticed by this point, Devin's math is terrible.

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