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Camp Gary was a forum created by Gary during an exodus from



"Camp Gary went away because there was an issue that I could not fix. I needed up update something. The board was taken down a few times because of it, then it got an error, and combined with that, it just died."


"I grew up with him in school. He introduced me to HC and ICP and trolling and stirring up shit on the internet, and all that way back in 2001.
He was a very nasty troll in the early HC days, derailing and turning several threads on every page into inflammatory internet arguments.

He ended up getting banned, but I'm pretty sure he asked for it. Either way, he came back about 100 different times by changing his IP address.

He was known for being all about the shock value and commonly glorifying things like rape and murder, especially towards women. He also regularly proclaimed himself as a pedophile, condoned sexual and physical abuse of the mentally and physically handicapped, etc.

He had thousands of posts and posted all day and night during his run. He was rapidly catching up to Randall when he got banned. He would take screen shots of him having the last post on every thread in Purgatory or having the last post in every forum.

It was all mostly a show, but he really is an oddball. Anyway, he made his own no rules forum called camp Gary that had moderate success for several years. I was an admin there and had several thousand posts. I eventually quit posting because Gary was just too nasty and weird as the owner towards the end. It died shortly after due to Gary not paying for it or doing any maintenance or anything."
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