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Stacy HAILING FROM SOUTHERN INDIANA (while her fat ass still occupies half of Detroit), WEIGHING IN TONIGHT IN THE RANGE OF ANYWHERE FROM 500-750 POUNDS!!! is the biggest Attention whore on She was also an exJuggalo whore during her days as the Original Dog the Bounty Hunter. She has one child with Wicked Dub and one on the way.

Stacy; Well I am 36, 5'3 and 218lbs.[1]

A top ranked member of , Sta cy has had multiple arguments with nearly everyone and has lost all of them. She's the real life Glass Joe, except she's built like a tank made out of bubble gum. Cunt.

And if all that is not enough, this human cousin to Shamu the killer whale as an affinity for talking about the grotesque bodily fucntions that occasionally erupt from one of her random folds, not excluding details about her fecal matter and menstrual cycle. Weaker members have lost the ability to ever have an erection again.




Looking at this blown out whore's rack for ten minutes straight WILL cause retinal damage.

She most likely was the inspiration for the Insane Clown Posse song "Fat Sweaty Betty". It is a known fact she is the inspiration for "Ya Neden's Haunted" by ABK, which is why he fucked her in the ass. Stacy like to claim it wasn't her that got her fucked pack by the one and only hatchet warrior, that it was in fact it was "her friend," but HCers are not fooled by this obvious display of regret and lies.

Being a hardcore attention whore who was obsessed with any post mentioning her name, she often typed her name in the forum search option and would proceed to crash into threads like the Kool-Aid Man through walls. Some posters caught on and countered by adding a space to her name (thus came "Sta cy").

Loves to act like friend's with various posters just to glean personal information through her own redundant version of "20 Questions", just to try & use it against them in a condescending manner at a later date.

Stacy; I quit douching and the smell went away! ;)[2]

She is The Dog, the big bad Dog

Her Hypocrisy, Pedophilia, & Mentality.

(General Insight to Personality)

Oh, try to veil your threats a little better next time. You're not as clever as you think you are.

Wow, I bust my ass all day working so I don't have to be home, and Beluga Flo quits a job to spend more time on the internet humiliating herself and driving the worth of our 'family' into the ground.



Mommy, all of my friends at school have naked pictures of you! Is that why daddy left!??!

(her hatred of the elderly)

(her attempts at scamming social programs)

(her pedophilia)

That's still statutory rape...:-/[9]

(her delusions[22])

What the holy hell?

Fun Facts

Blarg Glorp Myspace angle

The HC2 Marrow Might Be A Daddy? Saga

On September 23, in the year of our Lord 2012, Stacy created a thread on fledgling horror music website (i.e. the bane of Ressurrector). This thread served as a paradigm of Stacy's classic "reasoning", illogic, and absurdness. From petty stalking to hypocrisy, her full range of negative personality traits were on display. The purpose of this article (and this Wiki site, in general) is to record and preserve that which needs to be, as the Glorb Blarb Slorp known on Earth as Stacy typically uses misinformation as a fat tactic.

In other words, this section will serve as a complete example of how the Slob Grawb Snort uses the same strategy, ad nauseam, to draw attention to herself and create 'drama' (a source of sweat fuel found in abundance on her home planet Sporg S'Lops). In this process, she also exposes her soft, discoloured underbelly and reveals the majority of her disgusting personality. Nearly every foul trait (save, her malodorousness) will be explored and detailed in one single thread of her own creation.

To the uneducated, this thread may be seemingly amicable and started with the clearest of intentions. To the informed, however, it was created out of desperation, fear, and jealousy. This section will go point-by-point, posting the thread in its entirety (to date), and will serve as an example of how to interpret and deal with the Blarg Snorf Huff Gawf contagion.

Marrow might be a daddy?

Stacy - I honestly don't know what to say next.

*This is her version of a 'poker face'. She thinks she's sitting on something good and is waiting for someone else to make a move.

Grimm - I'm sure whoever he raped is absolutely thrilled.

Kevin Nash - If Marrow knocked up Stacy, so help me god...

Stacy - Two fat people don't mix well together. You made me throw up a little. I can not have anymore kids BY CHOICE.

*This is her using a kamikaze tactic to insult Marrow while trying to shield herself from being labeled a hypocrite.

Marrow - It was awfully noble of you to allow the courts to chemically sterilize you. After all, how many more illiterates do we need? How many knuckle-draggers should be leaching off of my tax dollars for half-day visits to Hong Kong Buffet?

Did the county decide that three truck loads of frozen tater tots was going to save them much more in the long run? Hell, even the short run! You guys would all commit so much unemployment and WIC fraud that you'd bankrupt any state in a month, what with the about of crappy ceramic dolphin sculptures and hair dye you guys would all go through.

The only reason I'm even in this really stupid cry-for-attention of a thread is because I want to hurry up your journey from 'no logical premise' to 'you, getting mocked and shit all over for being just as bad as Epitaph at life, but with triple the calories'.

Poast pics or GTFO.

Kevin Nash - Semen chemtrails impregnated The Beast.

Marrow - Anyone ever see Village Of The Damned? I bet it was aliens.

Phrozt - u made a thread about marrow having a child for no reason? interesting ...

Marrow - Oh, I'm sure in her crazy head she has some 'reason'. I'm sure it either involves e-stalking me or someone she thinks is me.


Marrow - The baby or the pics of me making it?


Marrow - Can you do it like a flip book?

Marrow - I'll be honest, I don't really care. She's not funny or charismatic or entertaining or anything SM worthy. Def HC worthy, but not SM. If the best she can do is 'wind me up' and watch me go^, then I ain't playin' no more! In fact, there's really no reason to let her try to make herself e-famous off of my lame rep, so I'm out. Peas!

^Make fun of her miserable, uneventful life. That's right, nothing new or exciting will ever happen to her, ever again. There's no Criminal, no Er-1ka, no website full of juggalos and HC rappers to bang. ABK ain't answering his celly, AMB ain't inviting her on the bus/E-150. All she has is the fleeting moments of attention she gets from this site, and the few spurts of nostalgia that keep her from drowning her kids and moving to Denver.

Stacy - I didn't expect you to get so worked up. Thank you for your time. Congratulations. I would reply to all of your idiotic assumptions, but I have a family, career and marriage to get back to.

*Employing the 'hit-n-run' tactic. She attacks, then creates creates a rampart of lies to crawl behind.
*Also contradiction, as she claims her life is too important to be engaging in the drama of her own design.

WNStudios - Marrow is my daddy, all day, every day!

Shadowless - HAHA

D-Toxide - Obviously cry-for-attention thread. Why the hell would you make such a thread about this when it isn't happening? This all makes zero sense. Stacy, I currently have no opinion of you, but if you start making more threads like this, a negative opinion will be formed.

Stacy - When he bashes me constantly and even talks ill about innocent children? I think he might have even said something about hoping I have a miscarriage when I first found out I was pregnant with my son. I wouldn't say something like that to his wife. But this is just the internet and he is no one to me. Although he thinks he knows me so well, but couldn't be more off.

*Using "I think" as to not be accused of flat-out lying. Trying to create a contrast between Marrow and herself with mistruths.

Stacy - Someone is stealing your wife's identity. (posted links to some of Marrow's wife's social networking pages)

*In her confusion and excitement, the Blerk Scurg Glarg reveals that she's been trying to gain intel on Marrow by researching his wife.

Shadowless - Marrow, always use a condom/birth control.

Marrow - So, for the benefit of D-toxide, Lokey, and others, let me reassure you that I don't surmise, I speak the truth. So here it is, one more time, a quick rundown of what one thread has echoed:

Stacy can't e-stalk me because I don't exist, so she's trying to e-stalk my wife.

That there should be enough, but I got a bit more humiliation to dole out.

1) She proved my 'illiterate' comment correct by some how managing to misread a fucking Tumblr post (that was made by someone I don't even know) about they, themselves, having a kid. Her giddiness caused her to embarrass her old ass yet again. I hope she didn't reward herself with a pack of franks and half a loaf of Wal-Mart bread.

2) My name, face, the fact that I'm married, wife's name, face, all of that has been outed. For years. Years. So not only is she late for the party, but the fact that she was excited to have finally 'humanized' me only proves how absolutely terrified of me (the awful reality) she is, and will continue to be. I'm a monster in the closet, a shadow on the wall, until you can shine a flashlight on me. If you can't, then I stay a monster.

3) In her own thread she tried calling me fat by calling herself fat. The only way she can insult me is to take herself out first because she knows she'd be lambasted for being a hypocrite. I don't have to play by those rules. And news flash, my obeseitude isn't brand new info. Hell, my pics showing the weight loss have been online since May, and I actually poasted another pic up yesterday. I do what I want, and when the world wants Iced Out Titties from me, they'll get them.

4) She also tried to claim that I said something about her having a miscarriage. Fuck me running, everyone from HC knows what she said about Criminal after her troubles, and now she's hoping to pass some of that heat off on someone else through sheer fabrication? Crackers covered in spam, this slob is bonkers.

So, in summation, she's spent the past decade trying to be someone online, since she's failed to achieve any measure of real success in life outside of Pizza Hut's lunch buffet (where they've dubbed her 'The Punisher'). She can't get her old HC pals to start two weeks of e-beef with her anymore because they don't feel like arguing with a 40 year old. One that obviously feels zero fulfillment from her life.

Grizabella, through and through.

Stacy - I can get him so angry without meaning to.

*Classic example of her trying to create innocence by muddying her intentions to the public.

Marrow - No, you dripping sack of goo, I'm vitriolic. Hell, I'll go out on a limb and say the good people like that about me. You're e-stalking my wife, someone who has nothing to do with you, only because of your creepy obsession with other people and what makes their lives happy. You're like a retarded, sentient toy robot, trying to be human. Alas, you cannot, because you digested the last bit of soul you may have been able to hold onto when ABK made you sniff his shit encrusted nub.

I told everyone it would come to this. HC2 is now officially off my radar. When slags from HC past have to out their stalking just to get attention, the site has lost it's charm.

Marrow - By the way, if I was having a baby, everyone knows they'd hear it from me first. Innocent Stacy, all she wanted was to creep on my wife and spoil my pregnancy announcement.

D-Toxide - Marrow, I never thought you were lying. Stacy is obviously being a huge attention whore and trying to start shit. The rundown here; Marrow's a cool guy and Stacy is annoying.

Stacy - Actually, I was looking at the Supermensa Twitter and looked to see who all was following it and seen your name. You have a public Twitter account and because I seen you post in here ever so often and still mention me on SM, I clicked on your name. You RT your wife and I was curious as to what she looked like so I clicked on her Twitter in hopes to see pics of your sleek trim self as well. You make it seem like I stalk you guys or something. I was curious and I clicked on a public Twitter. *shrugs*. Your posts make me laugh. Especially when you talk about my marriage and my finances. The only facts you have are that I am overweight and things I did 10 years ago. Some new material please.

*Trying to justify her stalking by claiming necessity and citing that the info was 'public'.
*Later in this section, 'public' information is key.

Stacy - I don't want to hinder Marrow from one of his only social outlets (outside SM) or come between he and his internet buddies. I have more going on in my life than trying to make friends on the internet. Have a good one.

*Accidentally revealing that she couldn't find any online social info on Marrow. Also contradicting herself again.

Kevin Nash - Marrow mad.

EvaK - Fucking ridiculous. This is kinda like the time she told HC that Antonio's dad was a child molester because someone in jail had the same last name as him.

Richard Tucker - Stacy, stop being a fucking creep and go take care of your kids. You only have so much time with them before one is a crack whore and the other is a speed cook. And lets face it, they never had a chance to be anything more than that. You're 40, grow the fuck up.

D-Toxide - Stacy sent me a PM complaining about how I "Don't know what Marrow has done and said," but seriously, she did this on the OG HC as well? Come on..... Say what you want about Marrow, Stacy, but at least he ain't an attention whore like you're making yourself out to look like.

Shadowless - I don't think Stacy is bad, I think she just loves parenting/kids so much that when someone is having one/might have one she gets all excited and wants to talk about it.

Stacy - You're mostly right ;) I have decided I am going nowhere. Well unless I get banned. Then I have no choice.

*Using 'mostly' as a means of not giving any concrete explanation, therefore not 'lying', by her definition.
*Stating her intentions to stay, regardless of the fact that no one showed any interest in whether she did or didn't.
*Preemptively mentioning being banned, revealing that she knows what she's done is worthy of such, and is afraid of it.

D-Toxide - If you don't want to get banned, I suggest you not make threads like these, and if you must do them, keep it in hatercore.

Stacy - Fair enough.

*She's fat.


*That's MASTERWEEDO. He types in all caps and is probably high.

D-Toxide - Haha. I wasn't threatening a ban. I was just advising, maybe Lo Key would ban her for stirring this shit up. Not that I would ban her. That'd be stupid, I'm not a mod or anything.

Stacy - It's probably a good idea if Lo key just deletes this thread. It's over.

*Trying to yet again rid the internet of any evidence of her truly awful nature. Asking mods to wipe the slate clean for her.

D-Toxide - Smartest thing you've said so far on here.


Stacy - lol

*Translation "LOLWUT?!OH SHIT?!"

Public information

The Slurb Grarl Blorn Hurgf uses base-level online information in an attempt to gain leverage over those that she feels have wronged her in some way. She's used this tactic vehemently to a fault, often providing incorrect or blatantly false information. While this has lead to her embarrassment for over a decade, she is genetically compelled to be a horrid, sub-human Sgarg Slurp Blorge.

This has also lead to her boxing herself into her own twisted and depraved logic. For example, through her years of justifying this behavior by claiming her findings to be 'public' information, then she would have no recourse if the same approach was employed to her.
Who needs a jawline, eh?

Would she?

Stacy Wilkins (Snay)

Husband: Chris Wilkins

Married May 9th, 2009

Children: Mariah Carey II (Born October 21, 2009) and Axon Jaxon (Born November 10, 2011)

Daughter was born 5 months and 12 days after marriage, indicating she was conceived over 4 months prior to marriage, possibly being the cause of said unholy union.

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