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Mailman leading the revolution

The Mailman, aka The Mailer is a racist Neo-Nazi bi-sexual bi-winning vampire Canadian troll, founder of Super Mensa, and leader of The Glorious Revolution that resulted in the death of the Kingdom of HoCo. In addition to being an alleged computer hacker responsible for Horrorcore's downfall, he may also be an elite code cracker. Mailman also fancies himself an armwrestler.

Poaster of the Year 2011 campaign poster




Mailman joined HoCo under the username of Loki to promote the website he designed for a shitty Horrorcore rap group from California that hired him for $50. He was one of's highest ranked poasters, retiring with 34,256 posts between 2002-11, in addition to over 5,700 between 2001-02 as Loki. Mailman is a founding member and chancellor of the Cult of Cool, and responsible for recruiting Devin (which shall never be forgiven).

Mailman was the last HC Poaster of the Year.

Super Mensa


His username is now synonymous with two expressions, "WildMailman" (to denote something that is overtly racist) and "WildMaleman" (to denote something that is faggish). The latter can be offset by stating "NoMaleman".

Due to his recent photoshops and epic thread fueling, Mailman is currently in the running for Poaster of the year 2011.

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